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Brody's Road to Redemption
Story by Matt Pangrac - Photos by Mark Jeffreys, Matt Pangrac, and Dave Rush

Oregonia, OH - 2011 was a rough season for Ohio Elite Series pro, Brent "Brody" Broderick. Coming off a medical exemption in 2010, Broderick failed to cash a single check in eight regular season events in 2011 and finished last in the Toyota Tundra Angler Of the Year standings. On the surface, it didn't look like there was very much to build on for the 2012 season. For Broderick, who dreamed of fishing at the highest level of the sport since he first picked up a rod and reel, 2011 was a lesson in patience and self examination that turned into one of the greatest, albeit painful, learning experiences of his career. [read more]

Brody Pulls the Trigger on the Elite Series
by Pete Robbins

"This is more than just me"

Oregonia, Oh. – By the time Brent “Brody” Broderick got to the final BASS Central Open at Lake Texoma, he figured that his chances of qualifying for the 2009 Elite Series had evaporated. A 124th place finish in the final Southern Open at Guntersville dropped him to 61st in that division, and he sat in 26th in the Centrals. He needed to be in the top ten overall after Texoma to make the Elites and in the top fifty just to get priority entry into the 2009 Opens.

“To be honest, I didn’t think I could qualify,” he explained. “After blowing Guntersville my only goal was to stay in the top fifty.” [read more]


PAA Member Uses EBay to Finance Tour Aspirations
by Pete Robbins

For Ohio pro Brent Broderick, there came a time where he had to decide whether to fish or cut bait.

At the breakneck pace he kept in the 1990s, there was no way for him to capitalize on the opportunities that his angling prowess provided. As the head designer for the Workshops of David Smith, a leading manufacturer of period furniture, he had just enough time to fish some tournaments, but couldn’t elevate his game. [read more]


Absent Minded Fisherman
by Brody

Nobody is the perfect Bass Fisherman. You make mistakes and so do I. Learning from these mishaps puts us on course to reach the fictional goal of success in fishing all the time. [read more]


A Little Wind & Water Please
by Brody

As an OHIO angler trying to establish himself in the pro ranks, I have had the opportunity to learn some neat tricks and techniques from some of the best fisherman. These tricks and techniques have allowed partner, Mike Toht and myself, to catch fish in situations that many other anglers have zeroed. Not that we don't have bad days. In fact, the fishing we have in OHIO is some of the toughest in the country. I hope you learn something from my monthly columns. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences with you and improve your success on the water. [read more]


Details Make the Difference
by Brody

My partner Mike Toht and myself, Touring Pro Team from Ohio were recently asked the question, "Why are you guys so consistent"? For once I didn't have a quick answer and I decided here is something that if the answer was truly found could help us in all other tournaments. Here was an equation that had a question why and an answer consistency and all we have to do is fill in the middle. I can tell you this was no easy task. I took the files on past tournaments and tried to find a common denominator that showed up in successful tournaments. Some things kept popping up regularly and low and behold they also showed up in some of the not so successful events. [read more]


Fishing is A Lot Like Life - Part I
by Brody

Winston Churchill once wrote, "The price of greatness is responsibility" I have based a lot of actions in life to his quote. The same goes in tournament fishing at all levels from local, state, national and pro competition. You must take on all responsibilities to achieve any price of success. This article will refer to life and you can refer it to your fishing success. [read more]


Fishing is A Lot Like Life - Part II
No Fear
by Brody

The only people who never fail at anything are those who don't try anything. It is impossible to go through life without fear, without mistakes, without failure. Everyone goes through periods of self-doubt and lack of confidence. It is as natural as breathing. Successful POSITIVE people have learned to cope with and overcome these negative feelings. The surprising fact is that successful people usually make more mistakes than people who fail. But they also have more successes. They operate on the proven principle that one success can outweigh a hundred failures. [read more]


Fishing is A Lot Like Life - Part III
It's Your Choice
by Brody

There is a wonderful story of the preacher who was driving by a beautiful farm. The crops were flourishing, having been neatly planted and cared for. The fences, the house and the barns were freshly painted, neat and clean. Beautiful trees and flowers were everywhere. The Preacher hailed the farmer and said "God, has blessed you with a beautiful farm." The farmer paused, thought for a moment and replied, "Yes, he has. And I'm grateful. But you should have seen it when he had it all to himself." The farmer understood that, yes, God had given him a fertile plot with great potential. But, it was the farmer's CHOICE, and Subsequent POSITIVE hard work, that had turned the untended raw land into a magnificent farm. [read more]



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